Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly referred to as BMW, is a German multinational company which produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles. The company was founded in 1916 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, which it produced from 1917 until 1918 and again from 1933 to 1945.

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ManufactureChassis CodeModelYearsBody Style
BMW1 SERIES (E82)1 Series / 1M2004-2013Coupe
BMW1 SERIES (E87)1 Series2004-2013Hatchback
BMW1 SERIES (E88)1 Series2004-2013Convertible
BMW1 SERIES (F20)1 Series2011-2019Hatchback
BMW2 SERIES (F22/F23)2 Series2014Coupe, Convertible
BMW2 SERIES Gran Coupe (F44)2 Series2019+Sedan
BMW3 SERIES (E30)3 Series1982-1994Coupe, Convertible, Sedan, Wagon
BMW3 SERIES(E36)3 Series1991-1999Coupe, Convertible, Sedan, Compact, Wagon
BMW3 SERIES (E46)3 Series1998-2006Coupe, Convertible, Sedan, Wagon
BMW3 SERIES (E90/E91)3 Series2005-2011Sedan, Wagon
BMW3 SERIES (E92/E93)3 Series2006-2013Coupe, Convertible
BMW3 SERIES (F30/F31)3 Series2012+Sedan, Wagon
BMW3 SERIES (G20)3 Series2018+Sedan
BMW4 SERIES (F32/F33)4 Series2014+Coupe, Convertible
BMW4 SERIES GRAN COUPE (F36)4 Series2015+Gran Coupe
BMW4 SERIES GT (F34)4 Series2014+Gran Turismo
BMW5 SERIES (E34)5 Series1988-1996Sedan, Touring
BMW5 SERIES (E39)5 Series1996-2004Sedan, Touring
BMW5 SERIES (E60/E61)5 Series2003-2010Sedan
BMW5 SERIES GT (F07)5 Series2009-2016Gran Turismo
BMW5 SERIES (F10/F11)5 Series2010-2016Sedan, Wagon
BMW5 SERIES (G30)5 Series2017+Sedan
BMW6 SERIES (E63/E64)6 Series2004-2010Coupe, Convertible
BMW6 SERIES GRAN COUPE (F06)6 Series2013+Gran Coupe
BMW6 SERIES (F12/F13)6 Series2011+Coupe, Convertible
BMW7 SERIES (E32)7 Series1986-1994Sedan, Extended Wheelbase Sedan
BMW7 SERIES (E38)7 Series1995-2001Sedan
BMW7 SERIES (E65/E66)7 Series2002-2008Sedan, Extended Wheelbase Sedan
BMW7 SERIES (G11/G12)7 Series2016+Sedan, Extended Wheelbase Sedan
BMW8 SERIES (E31)8 Series1990-1999Coupe
BMWM850I (G15)M850i2018+Coupe, Sedan, Convertible
BMWI8 (I12)i82014+Coupe
BMWI3 (I01)i3, i3s2014+Sedan
BMWX1 (F48)X12016+SUV
BMWX2 (F39)X22017+SUV
BMWX3 (G01)X32017+SUV
BMWX4 (F26)X42014+SUV
BMWX4 (G02)X42018+SUV
BMWX5 (E53)X52000-2006SUV
BMWX5 (E70)X52007-2013SUV
BMWX5 (F15)X52014+SUV
BMWX5 (G05)X52018+SUV
BMWX6 (E71)X62008-2014SUV
BMWX6 (F16)X62015-2019SUV
BMWX6 (G06)X62019+SUV
BMWX7 (G07)X72019+SUV
BMWZ3 (E36/E37)Z3, Z3M1998-2002Coupe, Roadster
BMWZ4 (E85/E86)Z4, Z4M2002-2008Coupe, Roadster
BMWZ4 (E89)Z42009-2016Roadster
BMWZ4 (G29)Z42018+Roadster
BMWZ8 (E52)Z82000-2003Roadster
BMW1M (E82)1M2011-2012Coupe
BMWM2 (F87)M22016+Coupe
BMWM2 COMPETITION (F87)M2 Competition2018+Coupe
BMWM2 CS (F87)M2 CS2020Coupe
BMWM3 (E30)M31986-1991Sedan
BMWM3 (E36)M31994-1999Coupe, Sedan
BMWM3 (E46)M32000-2006Coupe, Convertible
BMWM3 (E90)M32008-2012Sedan
BMWM3 (E92/E93)M32006-2013Coupe, Convertible
BMWM3 (F80)M32015+Sedan
BMWM3 CS (F80)M3 CS2018+Sedan
BMWM4 (F82/F83)M42015+Coupe
BMWM4 CS (F82)M4 CS2017+Coupe
BMWM4 GTS (F82)M4 GTS2016+Coupe
BMWM5 (E34)M51988-1995Sedan
BMWM5 (E39)M51998-2003Sedan
BMWM5 (E60)M52005-2010Sedan
BMWM5 (F10)M52012-2016Sedan
BMWM5 (F90)M52017+Sedan
BMWM6 (E63)M62005-2010Coupe
BMWM6 GRAN COUPE (F06)M6 Gran Coupe2012-2018Gran Coupe
BMWM6 (F12/F13)M62012-2018Coupe, Sedan, Convertible
BMWM8 (F92)M82019+Coupe, Convertible, Sedan
BMWX3M (F97)X3M2019+SUV
BMWX4M (F98)X4M2019+SUV
BMWX5M (E70)X5M2009-2013SUV
BMWX5M (F85)X5M2014-2018SUV
BMWX5M (F95)X5M2019+SUV
BMWX6M (E71)X6M2009-2013SUV
BMWX6M (F86)X6M2015-2019SUV
BMWZ4 & Z4M (E85/E86)Z4, Z4M2002-2008Coupe, Roadster
BMWALPINA B5 (F10)Alpina B52011-2016Sedan


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