There is no better place to transform and customize your vehicle than Supreme Power. We’ve customized thousands of cars from nearly every manufacture since 1999. All work is completed out of our state of the art 10,000 square foot facility in Fullerton, California. Our garages principals are molded after a Formula 1 mentality. Everything must be neat, tidy, and orderly at all times. You trust us with your most prized possession, and we have a responsibility to do everything we can to provide the absolute best experience possible. All customization and work we perform are done to withstand the highest level of stress and torture imaginable. We strive to deliver a finished product you can enjoy worry-free while being 100% happy with the finished result.

We take a concierge-style approach to customizing your vehicle. Your customization will start with a consultation about what goals you have for your car, what style you’re after, any sample of other vehicles you’d like to use for inspiration, and what your budget is. It’s easy to obsess over buying every part out there, so together, we’ll create a plan that will deliver the best driving and aesthetic experience. Not everyone needs squeaky race brakes and 4-way adjustable suspension on their daily driver. We’ll help you navigate all the pros and cons of each part you choose to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re after for the best possible price.

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Our goal is to be impeccable with our word and exceed your expectations at every possible avenue. Everyone gets treated like family regardless of what you drive or how much you spend with us. Our intention is to create an environment where we can make lasting friendships with those who are just as passionate about cars as we are. We guarantee once you experience the Supreme difference, you won’t do business anywhere else. 

  1. Your car will be treated as if it was our car. We take all possible precautions to protect your investment, inclusive of steering wheel covers, seat covers, and floor mat covers. 
  2. We promise to be thorough and methodical with every aspect of your service. Your repairs and customization will be completed at the highest possible level. 
  3. You can trust that we’ll always do good business. Should the rare issue ever arise, you can count on us to always do the right thing. We’ve built our reputation on standing behind our work and customers.
  4. We’ll always do our best to give you the absolute best pricing available on any parts.
  5. We’ll never try to sell you something that isn’t a good fit for your personal needs. We help you choose parts that are right for you, not what we have on the shelf. 
  6. We promise to be fair with our service and labor rates. We’ve gotten very efficient at working on exotic and luxury vehicles and pass along those time savings to you. Our prices are based upon the actual time required, not dealership book estimates. 
  7. We’ll work tirelessly and leverage our relationships built over the last two decades to get you access to the rarest and difficult to obtain parts or finishes. If you’re having trouble sourcing a part, let us go to work for you. 
  8. We’ll never cut corners. We obsess over the details and do not let anything leave our shop that isn’t 100% perfect.
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